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Proposalt is a universal agent that is used not only in cosmetology, but also for the treatment of joint disease, cardiovascular system, for strengthening immunity.


Biologically active components included in « Proposalt » have a calming effect, strengthen the immune system, contain a high concentration of micro- and macro-nutrients necessary for the normal functioning of the organism, contribute to the normalization of the water-salt exchange, responsible for timely cell detoxification, participate in cell exchange and muscle relaxation, participate in oxygen transport and the process of formation of red blood cells.

Recommended by:

joint disease (polyarthritis, arthritis, rheumatism);

cardiovascular disease – hypertension and disturbance of blood circulation;

nasopharynx and bronchus diseases, cold, upper respiratory tract infection;

in the treatment of fungus diseases of skin and nails;

cellulite prophylaxis.

Ingredients: sea salt, propolis.

Mode of administration: take 200 g of “Proposalt” and add 1-1.5 kg of sea salt to the full bath. It’s better to take a bath in the evening, two hours after dinner, one hour before sleep. Take 10-15 baths every day, 10-15 minutes each. Comfort temperature of water - 36-37 degrees C. It is better to take morning baths to freshen up and feel more awake. They should be cool - about 33-34 degrees C. You have to lie still, relax. Trying to keep your legs a little higher body makes it easier for your heart. There are also hot baths - about 37-42 degrees C. They’re effective for chronic diseases of kidney, liver, arthritis, neuritis and neuropsychiatric disorders. These baths are carried out for 5-15 minutes depending on cardiovascular condition and age.

Warning: very hot water can negatively affect vessels and heart 

How to conduct vegetation procedures with sea salt?

Vegetation procedures are beneficial to the whole body, protect against cold diseases, inject, improve blood circulation and strengthen the human immune system. 500 ml of water, 250 ml of vodka, 10 drops of iodine and 2 tablespoons of “Proposalt” must be mixed. The vegetation is done with a scourer. After the procedure, dress immediately without wiping. 

How to conduct inhalations? 

Inhalations with “Proposalt” will help with nasopharynx and bronchus diseases, cold, upper respiratory tract infection. Inhalation is done twice a day, morning and evening, for 15 minutes. Two tablespoons of “Proposalt” are added to a liter of water and boiled at slow fire for 5-7 minutes. In case of diseases of nasopharynx, breathe in through the nose and exhale through the mouth.  In case of diseases of bronchus - on the contrary.

Use of sea salt in cosmetology:

Sea salt has traditionally been included in many creams, masks and lotions. The use of sea salt cosmetics improves the complexion, narrows the pores, and makes the skin smooth and velvety. Small bathtub with “Proposalt” help with brittleness of the nails, truncheons, treatment of fungal lesions of skin and nails, removal of unpleasant smell of feet. Dissolve 3-4 tablespoons in water 37-42 degrees C. The procedure is conducted every day for one hour before bed.

Storage conditions: store in dry place, protected from light, at temperature not above 25ºС and relative humidity not above 75%. 

Expiration date: 2 years from the date of manufacture is guaranteed by the manufacturer, provided that it is properly stored. 

Volume: 200 g.

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